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Project IGI is easily among the top shooter games for...


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Windows 10
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Innerloop Studios

Project IGI is easily among the top shooter games for Windows. The game is a first-person shooter. The storyline is rich and intriguing, following Agent Jones. The primary goal is to capture Josef Priboi and then find information about a stolen warhead. However, one can only achieve this objective by going through a variety of missions, locations, and similar. These things help you get closer to Josef’s whereabouts. Once a mission is completed, new challenges will unlock.

The game was developed by Innerloop Studio and was published by Eidos Interactive. This game offers many different stealth-style missions, as well as challenges, and weapons. This title has been compared to other shooters, such as Call of Duty, as well as Grand Theft Auto V. It provides a lot of action, making it a great choice for those interested in action video games.

Within the game, you’re working with Project IGI, which aims to prevent terrorism. You’re initially set with the goal of retrieving a nuclear item. This piece was stolen by the enemy. The game takes its start in a secretive location that is based in the Soviet Union, requiring you to extract critical information from a contract that you’ve known for a long time. This character is being held at a military field in Estonia, requiring you to protect him.

The storyline is highly engaging and is helped by the theatric cutscenes, which are available at the beginning and or the end of every mission. The cut scenes are stylish and interesting, featuring special lighting effects, dramatic and compelling camerawork, as well as interesting dialog that gets you interested in the game and invested in the outcome and storyline of the characters. The game’s cut scenes include dialog that supports the story. The characters deliver this dialog in a theatric and gripping fashion, making the cut scenes just as enjoyable and just as important as the game itself.

The main character is somewhat of a high-profile secret agent. The objectives require you to be careful as you hack computers, avoid cameras, and deactivate surveillance. The game requires you to be on your best game and requires you to keep up the fast-paced action sequences where you’ll often face confrontation. Even though you’re wearing plenty of armor, just a few shots can lead to your death in the game. To improve your health, you’ll need medical kits from the infirmary. However, there’s often just one kit in the area, which is usually guarded by officers.

Project IGI is a game that offers 14 compelling and tough missions. The missions are complex and offer a lot of smaller objectives, breaking each of the 14 missions up into even more pieces. You also can’t save in the middle of a mission, which adds to the difficulty level of the game. The game is often rather challenging, even when you set the missions to the lowest difficulty setting. Another downside is that it doesn’t let you restart from where your character dies when they eventually die. This forces you to start from scratch, though does add to the complexity of the game.

An automatic save would be a great addition to the game. There are also a healthy amount of security guards. Many guards expect your arrival and will try to take you down with rifles. The AI mechanism is also somewhat spotty, leading enemies to fail at reactions when killing friends, and allowing guards to appear out of nowhere, killing your character without warning.

The game does offer plenty of weapons, some of which are available for special missions, while others are picked up from the dead. The most used weapons are combat knives, anti-tank weapons, and rifles. The Desert Eagle, Glock 17, MP5, M16, and more are also very popular. The game requires a lot of observation and stealth strategies, which are complemented by a range of gadgets for your weapons. You’re also able to track your missions via your PDA, which lists your objectives so you can easily follow along.

Project IGI also comes with some stellar graphics, with textures being stunningly detailed and even colorful. They offer mood lighting, depicting different times of the day and even different weather conditions. The weapon skins and models are also realistic, and the weapons are highly interactive with their environment. This is combined with an engaging background musical score and audio elements to create a complete, well-rounded immersive game experience.

Overall, this game is highly interactive, challenging, and amusing. It’s well worth checking out and can easily provide hours upon hours of immersive gameplay. You can play through all 14 missions, all of which tie in with the storyline. The game offers excellent weapon choices, immersive play, a solid storyline, and gorgeous graphics, creating a perfectly rounded game experience for any fan of first-person shooters.


  • Great graphics
  • Offers immersive gameplay
  • Fourteen action-packed missions
  • Stunning background score and audio
  • Many unique and engaging weapon choices
  • A solid storyline
  • Offers customizable key mapping


  • Sometimes glitches resulting in lethal issues
  • Needs updated AI
  • No multiplayer mode
  • Sometimes lags
  • No tutorials
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